When you look at your garage floor what do you see? Spots, stains, scratches and more make this a space that you hardly ever want to set foot in. How can you transform your garage into a great workspace that is as nice as the rest of your home? The answer:


Who are we?

From Epoxy Floors with Flakes to Beautiful Metallic Lava Floors, all of our Epoxy Floor Coatings are specially formulated to be installed over concrete floors found in high traffic industrial floors and more.  You will find many of our Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings and Sealers protecting concrete floors found in Restaurants, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Agricultural Facilities, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Airports, Airplane Hangars and more.  Annnnnnd yes, even for Home Floors, and we have done many.

All of the Epoxy Floor Coatings and Sealers listed here have very low odor and are considered ultra low VOC Floor Coatings.

Garage coatings are usually made up of a polymer product which bonds to a cement floor and dries to a ceramic-like finish. The polymer consists of a two-component liquid emulsion which, when mixed, is used as a sealant or protective finish. This material lends itself perfectly to use as a garage floor coating.

Garage coatings are becoming more popular as homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their home for both aesthetic and financial benefits. Because garages are being re-purposed as workshops, play areas, craft rooms and home offices, more homeowners are finishing their garage floors. Garage coatings resist oil, dirt, water and grease, which makes them perfect for alternate use in laundry rooms, basements, work shops and porches. 

If plain old gray doesn't match your garage's "decor," there are many base colors and add-ons available. Color chips or quartz aggregates may be added to garage coatings for a speckled or granite effect, and stickers or decals can jazz up the floor. Finishes include black marble for the refined garage, a "Harley" combination for the motorcycle aficionado, gold or silver sparkles for a flashy look, and earth tones for the more neutral garage.

Garage coatings are a practical way not only to beautify your garage, but also to protect the concrete floor against weathering, cracking, oil, chemicals and moisture. Some products claim that garage coatings are actually stronger than concrete, thereby extending the life of your garage floor.

Coating your garage floor can be normally completed in a few days. First (the most important step by far), the garage floor must be degreased, cleaned and etched, or roughed up. This allows the epoxy to bond with the concrete. Patching holes or cracks is an optional next step.

Depending on the finish you want, you may begin and end with the base coat. If you choose a more decorative finish, color chips may be added, followed with either one or two topcoats. The result: a tough, yet beautiful finish to your otherwise boring and utilitarian garage floor.

Preparation.....New or old, we start by treating the floor with grinding, scrubbing and cleaning with an approved process. Also, any areas of concrete pillage, oil, grease stains are treated and degreased. We then prepare the concrete for the primer application, which is the most important.

Floor Coatings..... Our Garage Floors Coating systems are proven polymer chemistry products. Our systems are superior to Epoxy from the standpoint of installation time and return to service, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, long-term durability, maintenance and shine.

Installation.....Our Garage Floors Coating system can be installed in just one "long" day, or two "short" days. You may park in your garage and have full use of it just 36 to 72 hours later. Weather conditions (i.e., low temperatures, high humidity) may extend the installation.

With a quality garage floor coating you can make your garage a place you actually want to spend time in. With this easy solution you can change your garage into the perfect location for all kinds of projects. You will love working in this clean, bright rediscovered part of your home. 

Just think of all the projects you have stored up in the back of your mind, just waiting for the space to make them happen. Don’t forget that your garage is a valuable part of your home – don’t let your investment go to waste!

There are many options to consider when choosing a garage floor coating. The type of coating you choose will depend on what your goals are for this space, both now and in the long term.Some people will find that some concrete garage floor polymer is all they need to create the kind of space they would enjoy working in. Garage floor epoxy is the solution used by most people who want to "cover" their garage floor.

This method requires that the entire floor be washed and prepped prior to being polymer coated. Once you have selected the color and texture, allow our company to make it a reality.

The "GRANITE LOOK". Over 50 color designs are now available. Sizes of "chips" are 1" down to 1/32". The "METALLIC FLOORS" web site can be accessed on our LINKS PAGE.


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